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A Letter from Taylor

Dear Friends and Clientele,   You may have noticed there’s been very little activity on the website and social media this past year. After much deliberation, I have sadly decided to place my store on hold. It’s been an incredible 8 years putting my creative mind to work and manufacturing products that I am truly proud of. I have learned so much about the leather industry from starting out with a CMT to building my own brand and factory. Unfortunately, my belief in keeping production local has made it difficult to keep costs in check. I wanted to make products that were truly South African, from the materials to the skilful hands at work, but with this dream I faced...

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Do you want the bad news or the good news...?! Due to some business restructuring and manufacturing methods, we will sadly be discontinuing some of the designs featured on our site for now. This includes many of the larger items like weekend bags (our favourite, we know!), baby items, and home decor. In place of these items, we will be narrowing our focus on a high-fashion, exotic range of small springbok and leather purses, and introducing ostrich for the very first time... also a sustainable, and widely-consumed meat in South Africa.  We apologise for any disappointment and look forward to presenting you with our new products in the upcoming months. For now please enjoy shopping our current stock at extremely low...

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